Whether you belong to a Triathlon group, cycling, swimming, running, youth or church group, I can assure you I have a presentation which will inspire and motivate individuals and groups alike! By the time I have finished with my presentation I will have touched some people to sign up for a triathlon, or a marathon or even to chase their dreams and make them a reality.

Motivation, a goal, a target etc... we all need goals in life, it is what makes life so interesting and adventurous, it may be a race, a new job, to get into a special class at a University etc.... what ever your goal is set realistic ones so you will not be disappointed and live life to the fullest. You may think only cool things happen to certain people because they are lucky or have lots of money etc... yet every day remarkable things happen to just ordinary people as they truly have the will and desire. I have lived a full life so far and lived with no regrets, I have travelled, lived in different countries and over come adversities to become whom I am today as I firmly believe you cannot be successful unless you have experienced failure.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain

July 2015

I had the pleasure of being a motivational speaker for Mindrum Precision Inc. In Rancho Cuchamonga. This was both enlightening and intersting for myslef and AL as we also had a tour of the factory too. Pretty cool stuff. Was grateful to Diane Mindrum who is the female President of the company to invite me to speak during the lunch break.

575 3286 - Copy

575 3284 - Copy





March 2015

Today I was a guest speaker for the So Cal Pacers a running club with RRCA affiliation I was asked to speak at one of their get togethers in Chino Hills a week before the LA Marathon in hopes of sharing my story and inspiring the club members..This day I made a lot of new friends. I had  wonderful time and also raffled off a Polar Loop and gave out Hammer Nutrition samples and Ocean Potion Suncare.

575 2960

575 2949 - Copy

November 2014

In November represented Polar, Hammer Nutrition and Ocean Potion at the last Mountain bike event of the year at Mount SAC Walnut California.

575 2245 - Copy

 October 2014

Helped at the Rock n Roll half marathon representing Brooks Running.

IMG 1043 - Copy

July 2014

Guest speaker at the Temecular Triathlon Club. Had a great turn out and some awesome questions were asked! I had some bags made with Hammer Nutrition samples also Ocean Potion suncare and Kool n Fit samples were given out. All in all a great evening.

575 1790 - Copy 2

June 2014

I represented Polar Heart Rate & Ocean Potion Sun care at the final Bonelli Championship event is June was awesome to see all the champions of the events and great to see the Fire and Life Guards out there too.

 life guards bonelli 2014


May 2014

Put up a POLAR USA booth with Ocean Potion and information about Hammer Nutrition I also raced with my husband AL and my min pin Hammer ...I love helping out at TriEvents at Bonelli Park.

Bonelli 2

our booth after the event...

bonelli 2

Podium time with Al and Hammer!

May 2014

So in May I was a guest speaker for the INCYCLE Belle Cycliste I went over correct fueling with Hammer Nutrition and also heart rate training with POLAR USA and gave out Ocean Potion sun care too. It was a great evening and the following morning a few of us met to go on an easy pace bike ride.

Guest SPeaker Belle Cycliste INCYCLE

After the meeting we were able to browse the INCYCLE San Dimas Store.

Womans ride

A few of the women take time for a picture.

April 2014

Was a fun Month, AL and I were recognized for organizing and securing sponsor material and co ordinating SC VELO for the first ever Family Bike event in San Dimas at the end of 2013

Was cool to have the Major of San Dimas give us acknowledgement.

Major of San Dimas presents AL and I with awards for our service to youths

In April I also became a Level 1 & 2 US Masters Swim Coach.

Masters swim coach level 1  2

April 2014

Ready to support at Bonelli Tri Events number one

IMG 4762 - Copy

564 - Copy

March 2014

In March since 2007 I have been the assistant Race Director to my Husband the race director for the San Dimas Stage Race here in Southern California it is a 3 day cycling stage race and produced by SC VELO bike club. I always try my best to represent the great sponsors I have been blessed with and on day 3 do put a 10x10 Hammer Nutrition Booth and Polar Heart Rate booth at the expo as well as this year had the kids race sponsored by Chaffey Auto Motors and Ocean Potion Suncare.

Below are a few photos high- lighting a few of the great sponsor support in 2014.

IMG 4097 - Copy

Cyclists stop for Hammer Heed at the top of the Glendora Mountain Road TT.

IMG 3999 - Copy

Ocean Potion our official Sun Care product.

IMG 3899 - Copy


During March and April I helped at ATP Multisport with various clinics they held for the beginner and advanced Triathlete preparing for Bonelli Tri series, Coach Ben is awesome as he offers the clinics free and they are held as part of the Competitive Tri-Swim Masters program at Covina High School. As Ben is also a fellow Hammer Nutrition Athlete it is a pleasure to be invited to help out.

GOPR0350 - Copy

A few of the happy athletes

IMG 3392 - Copy

Ben and Lauren and my self at the Covina Pool deck.

In February 2014 I was asked to give a talk to a group of female recreational cyclists. It was a great meeting and hope these cyclists were inspired to keep turning the pedals.

womans cycling clinic

Below is the Front Cover of the 2013 Hammer Nutrition Catalog.

IMG 3406


6 hours of Endurance Bonelli Park September 2013

First 6 hour mountain bike event at Bonelli Park was a great success, and really appreciated the companies that supported the event.

575 8274

575 8078 6 hr mnt bike.

We had a great event, I had Polar Heart Rate Monitors, Hammer Nutrition and Ocean Potion..

575 8265 OP

Autumn 10 week Running program.


IMG 5517

I certainly had a lot of fun volunteering my time for the Covina Masters Swimming RUNNING program!! over the course of 10 weeks we met twice a week at the High School track and did speed work, team man ship, stretching etc.....I used my 20 plus years of running experience to make sure each track session was fun and every one took some benefit out of the program on a weekly basis.

IMG 6024 - Copy

October 6th 2013

I took out the Hammer Booth and Polar Heart Rate Monitors to the Steam Boat Triathlon at Bonelli Park, was a fun event and my husband and I podiumed in the team competition. Hammer always has fun at these events.

IMG 5772 - Copy

July 29th 2013

On Monday evening I was the presenting speaker at the SC VELO bike club meeting. I was presented as a motivational speaker to talk about the challenges of Ultra Distance triathlons, making lemonade out of lemons and then covering sport nutrition and in depth about Hammer Nutrition products and their amazing suppliments. I also talked about heart rate training and was able to present information regarding Polar heart rate training. Was a successful evening and many great questions were asked.

575 7994 - Copy

June 30th 2013

Had the pleasure of being a guest speaker for the Inland Infernos Triathlon group, I covered all the new Polar monitors relevent for multi sport and swimming. I also covered Polar Personal Trainer and did a few fitness tests. As we are also having triple digit weather here in SO CAL after the Polar Presentation I covered a little on heat training and the Hammer Nutrition Products HEED, FIZZ, PERPETUEM, and the new VEGAN Hammer Bars.

575 7983 - Copy

May 29th 2013 Fitness and Health Presentation.

I was invited to talk to Corporate America via a Social Security group from Down Town Los Angeles, I did a presentation and talked a little of what being fit really means to me, then asked questions about getting fit , being healthy and listening to your heart! I also spoke about making choices, walk the stairs take the elevator? Eat a healthy food choice or grab a bag of chips... I covered a few basic Polar Heart Rate Monitors and also spoke about the Hammer Bars which are available to use as a healthier snack then Candy. The people were amazing, they asked some great questions and made me and Al feel very welcome. It was certainly a pleasure to speak with this group and a mirror into the Corporate jungle.

575 7574

May 12th Mothering Sunday.

IMG 9847

Awe thank you Rudy Project for using a great photo taken by True Emotions Studios for the Mothering Sunday campaign!

11th May 2013

This was the second TriEvent Triathlon at Bonelli Park. It was a Saturday as Sunday would be Mothering Sunday. AL and I put up a Booth for Hammer Nutrition and Polar USA. We also took 3rd in the mixed relays..

575 7489

575 7518

Polar gave away Polar Heart Rate Monitors during the raffle for the athletes.

April and June Triathlon Clinics presented by ATP-MultiSports.

Before the May and April Triathlons at Bonelli Park for Trievents, I was fortunate enough to be able to help Ben & Lauren Lovelace with their tri clinics. They were small groups but quality training mimicking super sprint triathlon format. Both clinics were put on at Covina High School pool and Hammer Nutrition was able to supply gels and Hammer Heed!

IMG 0890

These two children are the athletes of tomorrow it was amazing to watch them polish off amazing swim bike and run times!!! And a pleasure to be part of their development in the sport of Triathlon.

IMG 0847

Clinic Two.

270938 541834122526164 478484988 n

Clinic One.

April 7th 2013

Bonelli Tri Events are represented by Polar USA and also Hammer Nutrition I also took out Ocean Potion for the racers. It is a great venue to be part of and I also raced a relay with my husband Al. We took first place!!

575 7316

575 7319

March 24th 2013

The weekend of 22nd, 23rd and 24th is the San Dimas Stage Race which was the 14th edition in 2013, It is sponsored by Hammer Nutrition and Polar also gives products for the racers to race for. On the final day the 24th I put up a booth representing Polar and Hammer Nutrition who also kindly gave 53x11 Coffee mugs and bottles to give out!


March 7th 2013

Invited to speak at Cycling Connection group in Rancho Cucamonga recreational cyclists and also a few cyclists that raced came out and we covered the new Vegan Products Hammer Nutrition were offering in 2013 and went over Polar Heart Rate cycling computers and how to train with heart rate.

IMG 7665

February 15th 2013

Was a guest speaker for the Whittier Mountain Bike group. The topics covered were the Polar Heart Rate monitors for training and racing and how to use Polar Personal Trainer. I also covered training and race day nutrition with Hammer Nutrition products.

Mountain Bike Group

October 15th 2012

I was a guest speaker for the Redlands Triathlon Club in California, I had a nice evening and the club asked great questions about Hammer Nutrition fueling, Polar monitors and loved hearing about Ultra distance triathlons!

SAM 4972 - Copy

October 14th 2012

I went out to the Steamboat Triathlon and put up a nice display of Polar Heart rate monitors.

SAM 4966 - Copy

September 29th 2012

Was a guest of Southern Pacific Masters Coaching clinic. I was able to give two presentations, one on using POLAR heart rate training to help coach master swimmers. The second presentation was incorporating Hammer Nutrition into swim work outs, racing and post race. The clinic was held in Thousand Oaks California.

SAM 4961 - Copy

August 8th 2012

Guest for the Athleta Store at The Grove CA, was an open clinic for the employees and also their customers. Here is a picture of The Grove Staff.

268675 10151019945006359 1049058464 n

July 9th 2012

Guest speaker for REI Arcadia, my audience was REI employees, very friendly asked great questions and very successful clinic on Polar products.

575 4835 - Copy

Really enjoyed this session with REI in Arcadia.

June 10th 2012

Third Bonelli Tri, Final in the Bonelli Tri series, four RCX5 monitors were given to the over all winners and my Polar Mentorees won 2nd place in their division in mixed relay so a very good day.

575 4817 - Copy

Here is Mike and Liz their big moment at the end of the POLAR 300RS challenge!

575 4675 - Copy

My husband AL and Hammer joined me for the last race of the series of 2012.

May 12th 2012

Second Bonelli Tri event.

SAM 4027 - Copy

April 15th 2012

Represented Polar Heart Rate Monitors and Hammer Nutrition at the first of 3 in a series of triathlons at Bonelli Park

SAM 3753 - Copy

April 14th 2012

I was able to represent Hammer Nutrition at the Huntington Beach REI Bike Fest. Met some interesting people and enjoyed the day.

SAM 3731_-_Copy

April 4th 2012

I cycled to Arcadia for a group of 10 girls of Girls on the Move, to provide inspiration and motivation. they were delightful and I enjoyed my afternoon with them.

SAM 3641_-_Copy

April 2nd 2012

Guest speaker for the Covina High School swim team, was a good morning, had 30 swimmers 14 to 17 years old, I talked about Hammer Nutrition and Polar heart rate training.

2012 Spring_Break_CHS_Swim_059_-_Copy

2012 Spring_Break_CHS_Swim_062_-_Copy

March 18th 2012

Had a POLAR booth at the San Dimas Stage Race.

March 12th 2012

Represented SC VELO and SDSR at Ekstrand Elementary School were I talked to the children about keeping healthy and riding their bikes safely. I took my Rudy Project Helmets along for the kids to see the differance between Time Trial and Road racing.

Ekstrand-School-IMG 3747-small

March 10th 2012

I volunteered to be the official sweeper for the L'Etape du California pre ride with California Triathlon, it was an interesting day and a very long day for sure!

March 4th 2012

Represented Polar USA and Hammer Nutrition at the INCYCLE Rancho Cucamonga organised bike event.
SAM 2801-Copy

SAM 2804

January 14th 2012

I had planned on doing the 50 mile trail run on Catalina Island, unfortunately I found myself with injury so went any how and ended up giving my time at the Wacko Cafe aid station I was there for about 7 to 8 hours, if you have never volunteered at an aid station in a race please do it is fun and can be very rewarding.
SAM 1884_-_Copy

November Mount SAC 2011

On an overcast and raining wet Sunday here in Southern California I found myself at the Triple Crown Series at Mount SAC Mountain bikers were out to get points and I was out there representing Hammer Nutrition and Polar Monitors USA.

SAM 0854 - Copy

October CA 2011

I was a guest speaker for a school cross country team St Bruno cross country team. They were awesome to speak to and they enjoyed the info on heart rate training and LOVED their new Brooks Running Happy shoe bags!!

575 2969 - Copy

At the beginning of October 2011 Hammer Time was created and a HUGE thanks to Brooks running, Hammer Nutrition and Polar Monitors and Ocean Potion it was a great grass roots event.

575 2924 - Copy

We also had a great display for raffle and prizes

575 2871 - Copy

Claremont Club CA October 5th 2011

Thanks to Coach Tammy Lynn I was a special guest speaker at the Claremont Club in Claremont CA, I covered my story from Anorexia to Triathlete and talked about Polar Monitors and importance of heart rate training and also Hammer Nutrition.

575 2659 - Copy

Sorry to bother you but I have to tell you how much you inspired my quadriplegic friend/client. He really loved your presentation and felt that he should not take time away from the “athletes” to talk with you. He was doing things today in training I have never seen him attempt before. I want you to know how profoundly you touched his life. He would like to meet you on a one on one if you have time. You are such an incredible person I am always in awe of your ability to reach out to people and constantly amazed by you. There are no words to thank you for this.

Tammy Lyn

Thanks for the inspiration and all the motivation Suzy, finished the M3 Olympic in 3:33 and got 1st on my AG:)

Rachelle Valdez

altOn October 1st 2011 I will be a guest speaker for the Southern Pacific Masters Swim Clinic here in Irvine CA.

Suzy "Ultra" Degazon

U.S. Masters Swimmer and Hammer Nutrition Ambassador


SAM 0473 - Copy

VIP's confirmed for Endure the Bear

Perhaps the most successful and charismatic ultra distance triathlete to walk the earth, Suzy Degazon will make an appearance and be lining up for the Grizzly, the 50km of EtB (7 am start.). If you are lucky to get a glimce of Suzy, you'll catch her in Hammer kit and sporting

Mexican born, and Big Bear resident, World Masters Athletic Championship medalist Rosalva Bonilla is confirmed! Recently back from scoring amazing results at the blazing hot world championships in Sacramento, Rosalva will line up with the other dragsters to have a go at the 15km of EtB.

Mt Everest World Record Holder, Jordan Romero , age 15, will attempt to complete his second Conquer the Bear. in the 30km

Just back from the Mountain Biking World Championships in Switzerland, Casey Williams will have another go at the 15km

The race of the day is the 3 way chase for the champion of Conquer the Bear, between Jesse Haynes, Ted Devito, and Matt Smith. The winner will split $1000 with the champion of the ladies race, with Heather Devito leading Cathleen Caulkins and Rachel Grist by a fair margin. But anything is possible in this race, hint hint:)

POLARConquerAward pic - Copy

Above the winners of the Big Bear Challenge are presented with their Polar Monitors by Paul Romero and Karen Lungren.

September 7th 2011

Was invited to the Cali Tri group at the Rosbowl in Pasadena had a great time and there was a huge turn out.


29th August 2011

Was invited to the Inland Infernos Triathlon Club BBQ at Bonelli park, were I spoke about Polar Heart rate monitors and training. Was a great group and asked the right questions!!


18th August 2011

Had a great meeting yesterday and represented Polar Monitors.


July 2011

I made a cake for the Covina Aquatics end of season party.



May 6th 2011

On this evening I was a guest speaker for a girl scout group in Claremont, as when I was in my teens I was a Girl Guide in England, and obtained the highest award a guide can get...the Queens Guide. I still have all my badges on my original camp blanket and my certificate signed by Queen Elizabeth congratulating me on my achievement. I had a lot of fun reminiscing and taught a few of the guide songs I still remembered.I enjoyed talking to the girls and felt privileged I was able to share a wonderful childhood!


April 7th 2011

Was a guest for Cycling Connections in Rancho Cucamonga, I did a presentation on the new Hammer Nutrition products Solids and Fizz. Then I did a presentation on Polar Heart Rate Monitors and the importance of heart rate training and why every one should be listening to their hearts! It was well attended and good questions asked.


At San Dimas Stage Race I put up a Polar Booth..


March 17th 2011

I visited 2 Elementary Schools on behalf of San Dimas Stage Race and did small presentations on the importance of eating healthy and keeping fit and talked about the cool moments of being a triathlete and travelling the globe! I love talking to children they ask the funniest questions!!



Always fun to inspire children

Wednesday 27th October 2010

I was a guest speaker at Workman School for 25 cross country runners. They are a new team and hopefully I will be hearing about their success in 2011! I did a presentation on Hammer Nutrition, talked a little about Polar Monitors and heart rate zones and my Brooks running shoes!! They were an awesome group to speak to and I felt grateful and humbled as they clapped when I walked into the classroom. My husband Al added his knowledge and we hope these kids will go on to dream big!!

72586 453024016358 568996358 5633801 8016410 n

Thank you sooo much for coming to see our kids! Our kids have never seen anyone like you and have been excited ever since we told them you were coming. Everyone wanted to shake your hand and personally meet you. Our kids have some tough backgrounds and come from very hardworking families, despite some of their circumstances they show up everyday to run. I know you and Al have impacted their lives forever.

Vanessa Snapp (Coach and Mentor to the cross country group)

October 2010

I also went to a boy scout group and taught them Emergency First Response so they would be able to get their first aid certificate.

72586 453023996358 568996358 5633797 4134315 n

In 2010 my husband AL and I teamed up with our friends Dave & Jodi Ruby we hosted several tri clinics at Bonelli Park. They were all successful and we had a blast!

To prepare entry level to advanced triathletes for the Tri Events series. From super sprint to Olympic distance.

Dave and Jodi have combined experiences in Triathlons Dave has been competing since 1985! His wife Jodi has done numerous Ironman Hawaii and almost always wins her category at any tri event!

Al is an event planner and is race director to the San Dimas Stage Race as well as various mountain bike venues.

Well I am Suzy and have 400 tris/multisport events under my belt since 1993! everything from Super Sprint to Triple Iron non stop distances.



I was a guest speaker on 30th May 2010 at Incycle Rancho Cucamonga, I presented a Hammer Nutrition seminar and shared advise on how to fuel up pre, during and post race. After the seminar my husband AL took over and lead a beginners cycling group out for one to two hours to learn cycling etiquette and get comfortable on a bike. Cannondale came out with bikes to use and was a pleasant morning.

Beginner's Clinic Sunday, May 30th 8:30AM

Nutrition Clinic/ Beginner's Ride

altWe will be holding our nutrtion clinic and beginner's on May 30th at 8:30AM as well. This event will be held at our Rancho Cucamonga store and is also free to attend. The nutrition portion will be supported by Hammer Nutrition and will be led by professional triathlete, Suzy Degazon. Suzy is a World Class Ultra Triathlete since 1993 and has a wealth of both, cycling and nutrition knowledge. We are very excited to have her speak at the clinic.

After the nutrition info, Suzy's husband and SC Velo race director Al Wiscovitch, will lead our beginner's ride. We invite everyone to join us for our ride and it will be a NO DROP RIDE. Al will be teaching riders proper riding etiquette and general tips to ride safer. The ride will last for up to two hours. Please bring all riding equipment you need. HELMETS ARE MANDATORY for the ride.

We are also pleased to announce that Cannondale will be on hand with a few test bikes for our beginner riders to take out. If you have a friend or family member that is interested in road riding, bring them along. We will do our best to get them on a ride. Supplies are limited so get there early to pick up a bike.

If anyone is interested in coming to any of the events, please feel free to do so. All clinics are free to attend and the knowledge you recieve will be very helpful.

April 11th 2010

Today we help a four hour triathlon Clinic at Bonelli park! We arrived early at 7am to set up registration etc. Had 30 clients for swim bike and run and 10 more showed up just for the bike portion!


Feb. 28th 2010

Today was a great morning as I was a guest speaker for INCYCLE and would be doing a presentation on Hammer Nutrition, had a good turn out and they asked quality questions. As I was injured I was unable to take the ride around Bonelli so my husband AL was in charge of leading the new group around the park for a 7 mile loop. I elected to stay with Montana (my 10year old step daughter), we rode our mountain bikes for 4 miles. We had a successful clinic and everyone left happy and motivated!

I was a guest speaker at Penske Auto was a pleasant experience.


I have a variety of topics which I have been asked to share, I can talk about pre, post and race day nutrition using Hammer Nutrition products, I also have a Power point presentation in which I show my life as an elite ultra distance triathlete, the obstacles I have faced and over come and the challenges I still have!

I will make you laugh and I will make you cry!

But most of all I hope that I can touch your hearts and see that dreams do come true!


I have gone out to Elementary schools and chatted about safety, cycling and doing triathlons, I have done water safety for Tri La Vie & Inland Infernos tri groupsand ran successful triathlon clinics with my friends Dave and Jodi Ruby and my husband Al Wiscovitch.

I love the sport and speak passionately about its highs and Lows.

I leave no topic untouched, whether it is about winning Gold Championship medals, Over training, lack of funding to get to events over seasor just finishing an event I have been there.

I share my feelings about my 10 year battle with Anorexia Nervosa, my travels as a Scuba Instructor and working on Live a board dive boats in Australia and the Caribbean! My first Triathlon in Puerto Rico and my adventures as a mulisport athlete.

I talk about the AVON Crusade against Breast Cancer Campaign.

I also cover topics of how to use and train with a Polar Heart Rate monitor and pre, post and race day nutrition.

Groups I have visited include:

  • Tri La Vie women's tri group
  • Cycling Connections
  • San Dimas Elementary Schools,
  • Penske Motors triathlon group
  • Inland Infernos Tri group
  • Bishop Amat High School swim team
  • Tri Connections group
  • Christian church in Riverside
  • Tri Divas women's tri group
  • California Tri Group
  • Incycle bike shops for Hammer Nutrition
  • Girl Scout troops in Claremont CA
  • St Bruno cross country team Whittier CA
  • Covina High School swim team
  • Arcadia middle school girls cross country team CA
  • Redlands Triathlon Club, Redlands CA
  • Red Zone Racing Mountain Bike team Whittier CA
  • Recreation cycling club Rancho Cuchamonga
  • Corporate America Social Security LA, CA
  • Temecula Tri Club Temecula CA
  • The Cyclery Bike Shop Mirada CA
  • So Cal Pacers Running group Chino Hills CA

Clinics I have been apart of include

  • Tri Divas trail running
  • Inland Infernos Water safety
  • Lava Racing clinic at Bonelli
  • AVON of Puerto Rico Breast Cancer Crusade
  • Polar Heart Rate Clinic for California Triathlon Group
  • US Masters Swim Coaches Clinic
  • INCYCLE bike fest Polar and Hammer Nutrition Rancho Cuchamonga CA
  • REI Bike Fest Huntington Beach Store CA
  • REI Arcadia Polar HeartRate Clinic CA
  • Southern Pacific Masters Coaches Clinic Thousand Oaks CA
  • Athleta Store The Grove CA for Polar USA
  • Ben Lovelace Tri Clinics, Covina HS, CA.
  • INCYCLE Belle Cicliste clinic San Dimas CA

Events I have been part of promoting different companies.

  • San Dimas Stage Race CA
  • King Pin Racing
  • Trievents CA
  • Knobbly time CA
  • Big Bear Air CA
  • Triple Crown CA
  • Steamboat Tri CA
  • Incycle Rancho Cucamonga Bike event CA
  • Green Valley Lake Aquathon CA

I also write various multisport articles for

  • Women's sport report
  • Xtri.com
  • Hammer Nutrition Endurance News

I have appeared in many printed publications from magazines to newspapers etc...

  • Inside Triathlon USA
  • Triathlete Magazine USA
  • Imagen Puerto Rico
  • Buena Vida Puerto Rico
  • Auckland News New Zealand
  • San Juan Star multiple times in Puerto Rico
  • El Nuevo Dia multiple times in Puerto Rico
  • West Hawaii Today Hawaii
  • La Hora Imbabura Ecuador
  • Daily Mirror Int news England
  • Evening Gazette England
  • Darlington and Stockton Times England
  • The Buzz Lanzarote
  • The Good Life Texas
  • The Abis St Croix
  • NON Wienerwald Austria
  • Journal of Quebec Canada
  • DL French Paper France
  • Caymanian News Cayman Islands
  • The Undersea Journal USA
  • ELITE Puerto Rico


  • Rudy Project USA
  • AVON of Puerto Rico
  • Hammer Nutrition Catalogue
  • Rail Riders Catalogue
  • 20/20 Magazine 2011
  • Cover of Hammer Nutrition Catalog 2013

Remember a journey of a 1000miles begins with but a single step!



Please contact me for details regarding speaking engagements. As I appreciate being covered for travelling fees and time. I am available most weekends throughout the year, and can talk on wide range of subjects from triathlons to Scuba diving, Hammer Nutrition to how to run and use a Polar Monitor.

Testimonials....what people are saying:


I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, support, wisdom and hospitality today. You encouraged me to surpass my goals and limits and I never could have done what I did today without you! Sorry for any whining but I must tell you I had so much fun.



Thank you for your patience, warmth and understanding, we had a great time today. Thank you for your help.


First off I really want to thank you for all you advice especially the following: use a ball to stretch the wetsuit, nutrition [3 hour bottle], focus on staying hydrated [hammer products], use what works, stay relaxed, and most importantly HAVE FUN.

I completed the Oceanside ironman in 7:75:28. Not bad for a former fat guy with no athletic ability.

Again thank you and Al very much for your help - you were part of making a life long dream come true.

Alberto Martinez-Granillo


I so enjoyed meeting you yesterday.......You were quite an inspiration to my three daughters and me. I so appreciate your invitation for Kimee to run with you. Haylee is amazed that you will do a sprint with her. You definitely have the gift of encouragement!

I need to write out a plan for April.....I would like to beat my first time of 2:46:11

Please tell Al that we are thankful for the good information he shared with us...

Haylee left for school with the black T-shirt on you gave us....

Thanks again... I hope to see you soon..



Thank you (and Al) for your hard work leading up to and during the Tri clinic yesterday. It really makes a difference for us nubbies.


Bruce Cook

Dear Suzy,

A friend of mine had the pleasure of meeting you and shared your story with us. I am totally amazed by your accomplishments! I have shared with my family & friends your story/stories and everyone’s reaction is the same, but I am sure you hear this all of the time.

I have a big challenge in learning swimming techniques and getting my mileage (both in running and bicycling). I just wanted to say that you are truly an inspiration.



Thank you for your kind words! It means so much to me! I have to tell you, I really wanted to stop when my knee failed, but you were my inspiration. I was thinking about your stories and all the races you had done and you always finished, broken bones and all! (The time you fell asleep doesn't count!)

Thank You Suzy!


The meeting tonight was awesome! Suzy is amazing, inspiring and kinda scary:) Glad i was there.


I agree!!! Suzy did a great job, and her story is very motivational. And, with all the things she has been through, it definitely draws the line between pain and discomfort. We should be grateful for our minor discomforts.
Great job Suzy!!!


Hi, Ultra Suzy.
I just wanted to say thank you for coming out yesterday. The feedback I've heard was that you were very awe inspiring. I can certainly understandconsidering everything you've accomplished.I really wanted to be there but, unfortunately, something came-up that prevented me from attending. Thank you again for being such an insipration and a model for how to approach thedemands of the sport and the challenges of life.
Best Regards,

Yes...Suzy had a wonderful slide show of all her races and shared about her successes and her challenges. Very Inspiring!!! What an amazing athlete! But as I get to know her better I am finding out that she and her husband are even better people...
Very inspiring!!! What an amazing athlete! When I asked for volunteers for our Xterra Snow Valley on August 1st. She was the first person to volunteer her support at the race. With her busy training schedule, she selflessly is offering her time and talent to help others in our sport. The more I see and study people who are successful...the more I see the reason behind their success. They are "giving" people.They love what they do and they want to help and see others succeed. It humbles me as I see this from many of you as well....Thank you to all of you who have volunteered to help at XSV. For those of you who are still considering or checking schedules....I believe It will be a fantastic way to give back to the sport we all enjoy and support a Club that tries to provide you support in your Triathalon needs. Great job Don Ball for confirming Suzy and the
upcoming speakers to our Club meetings... They provide tremendous VALUE in
our membership...

Dana Goetz says:

March 27, 2008 at 5:50 am

Hi Steve, Suzy Degazon, a world class triathlete came to visit my students today. I found myself drawn to her energy and was amazed by her story. She didn’t even start competing until she was 30 and previously suffered from anorexia. She is now 42 years old, a world class athlete and will placed in the Guinness Book of World Record next year.

I asked her what changed her into a world class athlete. She said simply, I stopped living for everyone else, and just did it.

I came home opened my email, and here was your newsletter. Wow, you would have to be blind not to see the signs. Steve, thankyou for sharing your experience’s with the world


AFTER reading of Suzy Degazon's amazing recovery from anorexia (Daily Mirror, May 3) I am hopeful that there is a future for me.

I am still in the clutches of anorexia and have been for almost 14 years - more than half my life.

But the before and after pictures of Suzy are proof that the seemingly impossible can be overcome;

My future begins today and I'd like to thank Suzy for helping me realize that - before it was too late for me to start living.

I've pasted your article on my fridge for inspiration and encouragement.

Miss A J Lofts

Barnsley, S Yorks 2002

Hi Suzy! I get to watch a true blue survivor and happy spirit recover and reDO her life after a nearly killer disease of the mind, body and spirit. CONGRATULATIONS - I am looking forwarding to learning from you (I'm great at learning from others) and hope to accomplish half as much.) Your spirit alone is invigorating at the very least!

Debbie Reek

May 30 at 11:59pm 2014

Thanks for the invite Ruby and Leslie. I enjoyed Suzy's presentation on the importance of nutrition and heart monitoring training. Nice goodie bags, swag, and prizes. Nice to see some ladies I haven't seen in a long while too. Enjoy your rides tomorrow!

Janet Kelsey Berg

The main event, guest speaker riveted our attention for an hour! Suzy Degazon shared her amazing story!
-survived anorexia nervosa
-competed in over 450 multi-sport
Events and won over 70 races
-travelled the world in over 40
-Professional pastry chef
-high level scuba instructor
-9th woman in 10 years to ever
finish a triple ironman race
-only woman to do 15 ultraman
world championship, with 5 first
place age groupfinishes
-1999 Puerto Rican National
Triathalon Champion

Several door prizes from Hammer products were raffled.

Polar heart devices and Hammer products were displayed.

Thank You

Demi Hechanova (President SC VELO)